Curtains and textiles complete your interior and the atmosphere of your space

Planning, sewing and installation of curtains and window treatments

Curtains frame the windows and are a final touch to the interior of the room. By choosing the right materials and the right hanging mechanisms for the space, mood and need, you will get a finished look and feel.

I do curtain design, either as part of a larger Interior Design project or as a separate project. I also offer sewing and installation services for textiles and curtains.

I also deliver curtain rods, rails and other accessories to your project.

"I got a colourful and harmonious living room. It also turned out better than I could have done myself. Buying fabrics together was a good thing. If I had gone alone, I wouldn't have been able to wait for the service, but walked out of the store. The end result exceeded my expectations. Katja is really nice to work with as well. "

- Paula, Window Treatment client

Below are examples of curtains, textiles and upholstery I have designed and made. Click on the images to see them in full.