Spatial planning, Interior Design and Renovation Management services

A well-planned remodelling project saves you money, and is effortless and worry-free

A remodel is an investment in not only your home but also in your well-being. Taking on such a project can be daunting and overwhelming though. It's easy to make time-consuming and costly mistakes if you don't understand what goes into a design and renovation process. I guide you step by step through my well-thought-out design and implementation process. I listen to your needs and help you have an outcome that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

I want to make the design and remodelling process as smooth as possible for you.

-Katja Blomqvist, Interior Designer

Client feedback (with subtitles in English)


In my opinion, I have a good taste in interior design. I have to admit that Katja's is even better. She has surprised me with her creative solutions.

- Paula, window treatment client

Helpful, energetic, efficient, willing to cooperate, can also fix things herself, good ideas. Thank you for all the help!

- Interior Design client

I got a colourful and harmonious living room. It also turned out better than what I could have done myself. Buying fabric together was a good thing, because if I had gone alone, I wouldn't have been able to wait for the service, but walked out of the store. I wouldn't have found the patterns either. The end result exceeded my expectations. Katja is also really nice to work with.

- Window treatment client

Our house did not attract interest with our own interior. When staged, our house was sold in two months. The house was staged in a really expressive style, which also pleased us very much. Katja's professionalism convinced us. We gave her free rein and the end result was great.

- Home Staging client

Katja is dedicated and conscientious to her work, and she gives it her all. She is visually gifted and her work is clear. She also has a quick reaction to changing situations.

- Real estate agent 

I was moving into my new rental home. The marks from previous habitation gave me a headache. I contacted Katja, who came to check the situation. She made a quick proposal for the renovation for me. She also negotiated the matter with my landlord, and things started rolling.

The schedule was extremely tight, but with Katja's professionalism, I was able to move into my new clean home according to my plan.

I am very happy and satisfied.

Thank you Katja, you are an absolute top performer.