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A harmonious home that tells your story

Do you feel like your home isn't working for you and your lifestyle? Are you facing a new phase in your life, and your home no longer serves the new phase? Do you want to transform your space into a beautiful and functional place that reflects your personality and needs? Do you need a professional to help you with the design and implementation process?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place. Welcome to Katja's Design, where I help homeowners like you find the hidden potential in their homes.

I offer interior design services, including choice of materials and colours, planning fixed furniture and lighting design. My job is to find the best solutions for your space and preferences. I will help you create a home that suits your lifestyle and makes you feel good.

Interior Design Services

Choosing Colours and Materials

Designing Kitchen, Bathroom and Storage

Sourcing Furniture

This is what you can expect from us working together

I work with you collaboratively and transparently. Here is how my design and implementation process works:

  • Fill in the intake form to tell me about your project and goals.
  • I will review your form and set up a discovery call with you to get more details and understand your problems and needs.
  • I will present you with a proposal that outlines the scope, timeline, and investment of the project.
  • Once we come to an agreement, I will start working on the design concept for your space.
  • We meet regularly as the design work progresses. You always have the last word in which direction the design is taken.

Why Choose Me

I have been in the interior design industry since 2017 and I have worked with clients across different design styles. I have the experience, skills, and passion to create practical and stunning spaces that exceed your expectations.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose me as your interior designer:

  • Personalized service: I tailor my design to your specific needs and preferences. I listen to your ideas and feedback and involve you in every step of the process.
  • Creative solutions: I find the hidden potential in your home and come up with innovative and original solutions that enhance your space and lifestyle.
  • Quality results: I deliver high-quality design and implementation that meets your standards and specifications. I pay attention to every detail and ensure that everything is done correctly and professionally.
  • Satisfied customers: I have a proven track record of happy and loyal customers who love their new homes and recommend me to their friends and family. You can read some of their testimonials below.

What My Clients Say

Don't just take my word for it. Here are some of the testimonials from my previous clients:

The choice of materials and colours would not have been so successful without the help of Katja. We dared to make choices that would not have been made without her. The result would have been more boring. In terms of the functionality of the space, it was an excellent solution to remove one window, which would have been left undone without the help of Katja. Storage space was created well considering the size of the space. Hiding the coat rack behind sliding doors also increased the cosiness of the space. The cooperation was smooth, functional and easy in all aspects. Agreed matters and schedules have always been adhered to. Our expectations were met.

-Anne & Hannu
Katja is helpful, energetic, efficient, willing to cooperate, can also fix things herself, good ideas. Thank you for all your help!


Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to transform your home with my help, then don't hesitate to contact me today. Please fill in the intake form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your dream home. Let's make it happen!