A creative visualist who gets things done

Full-Service Interior Design

Katja Blomqvist is a full-service Interior Design professional from Helsinki, who is working with homeowners going through a transition in their life, whether it be they are empty nesters, buying a new house, going through a divorce, or just simply need a change in the way their home works. She is working with remodeling projects mostly in the Uusimaa region. She can work remotely as well. As a Home Stager, she has successfully staged homes, that have been challenging to sell.

Her nearly 20 years of experience in the corporate world, gives Katja the knowledge and tools to work with budgets and timelines as well as project management. She is known by her co-workers as someone who gets things moving. After high school, she studied to become an atelier seamstress. Later on, while still working in the corporate world, she studied Interior Design. It took some years though before she made a career change and started working as a self-employed Interior Designer in 2017. With her background in the corporate world and her education in both Interior Design and sewing, she can offer her clients a whole range of services all from plans to material and window treatment selections to working with contractors and overseeing the implementation of the design and furnishings.

Katja is a doer. She has gained knowledge in repainting furniture, painting interiors and exteriors, laying floors etc. by simply doing those things. She adds value to her client's projects by being able to, not only do the design but also discuss different ways of executing the design. Her strengths as a designer lie in visualizing the space, project management and versatile interior design expertise. She also smoothly manages different interior design styles.

A remodelling project can be overwhelming and there's a lot to think about. With her competence and expertise, Katja can navigate her clients through the whole process and relieve their stress. She breaks down the design process as well as the remodel or construction project into easily digestible parts, with the end result in mind the whole time.

When working with client projects, Katja is as much an Interior Designer as she is a mind reader, a visualist, a visionary, a draftsman, a sparring partner, a support person, a personal shopper, a renovation coordinator, a project manager, and a guardian of the budget.

Over the years she has been featured in online publications including the Ukko.fi and Y-Studio.fi blogs.

This gets her excited

Katja gets excited about space planning and solving spatial problems, colours, fabrics and textures, 3D modelling, good design, and skilful craftsmanship.

What her clients say about her

According to her clients, Katja is visually talented, very creative, versatile, professional, committed, patient, helpful, energetic, efficient, cooperative, conscientious and hardworking. 

When she is not working

Katja enjoys nature and being at sea. She is a working dog enthusiast and trains her dog in search and rescue as well as obedience. She likes photography and is renovating her cottage in the Porvoo archipelago. Follow her cottage reno here. She shares her photography in her photo gallery www.katjas.pictures.fi.